Re-Accredited by NAAC with 'B' Grade in 3rd Cycle

Affiliated to Vikarama Simhapuri University

Gudur, Tirupathi District, Andhra Pradesh

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Feedback Form for Parents 2021-22  - VIEW       https://forms.gle/iTV7kDZuoeTLXiBy8

Feedback Form for Parents 2020-21- VIEW    https://forms.gle/JANrSQoRsYtvSWAM9

Feedback Form for Parents 2019-20- VIEW   https://forms.gle/4ePkKrUqGzKooRp36

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Student Satisfaction Survey  2019-20



ONLINE FEEDBACK FORMS ON CURRICULUM              https://forms.gle/tunRm2TtA7gpGEMg7

ONLINE FEEDBACK FORMS FROM STUDENTS ON LECTURERS -              https://forms.gle/YeyjaLpPCYzJ6U3p7

Faculty Wise (A.Y 2021- 2022) Student Feedback Forms


1. Dr Y Srinivasulu  Lecturer in Commerce  -- https://forms.gle/zp5qoLQ2zjQyZs3N8

2. Smt MVL Sailaja  Lecturer In Commerce   -- https://forms.gle/8N9qjpAJjFKkNWiT7

3. Dr MD Maqsood Ahamed  Lecturer in Micro Biology  -- https://forms.gle/iHLoVxYN3UHojs8u8

4. Dr K Siva Prasad  Lecturer In Zoology    -- https://forms.gle/Z7WSyMYfosNc1QZw7

5. Dr GVS Vallinath  Lecturer in Chemistry  -- https://forms.gle/eBin2hjEGurKuvV18

6. Dr G Jansi Vani  Lecturer In Telugu      -- https://forms.gle/H6iXhchcFkRfWnbT9 

7. Dr K Koteswara Rao Lecturer in English   -- https://forms.gle/BsVnfzdLZnZMC6sBA

8. Smt B Krupa Karuna Vani  Lecturer In Chemistry - https://forms.gle/QJdrirZd6WXkE74g9

9. Smt S Kiranmaiye  Lecturer in Mathematics -- https://forms.gle/JcV1k8oud38wgFhz7

10. Sri S Sridhara Sarma  Lecturer In Physics -- https://forms.gle/mBFuDEihhTSYYmPg8

11. Dr G Surendra  Lecturer in History      -- https://forms.gle/25DgEjjbDSLvj2hd9

12. Smt B Lakshmi  Lecturer In Computer Applications - https://forms.gle/Aq8j36BeSS6FadUh6

13. Smt Shaik Mymoon  Lecturer in Computer Science   - https://forms.gle/n6uo8zQVFzdFbUEp8

14. Sri K P Krishna Murthy Lecturer in Chemistry   -- https://forms.gle/UjuUiJunW7QWJ9yP6

15. Sri K Ravi Raju  Lecturer In Economics   -- https://forms.gle/8UsHD7YU1k1GrrjQ6

16. Sri B Peera Kumar  Lecturer in Political Science - https://forms.gle/xucieS7V5fgFMj7TA

17. Dr P Narayana Raju  Lecturer In Physical Education - https://forms.gle/HYGMvpL26r79qvB7A

18. Sri P Vijaya Mahesh  Lecturer In Library and Information Science - https://forms.gle/CM32NUyRsP7o42Lv5