Re-Accredited by NAAC with 'B' Grade in 3rd Cycle

Affiliated to Vikarama Simhapuri University

Gudur, Tirupathi District, Andhra Pradesh



             The Economics Department at S.K.R Govt. Degree College, Gudur offers Economics in BA Degree with the combination of subjects like History, Economics and Political Science. Our teaching methodology have to provide students with good foundation and to create more interest and depth involvement with the real-life applications of economics. Many of our college students go to further studies, research and internships in fields related to economics and finance. Economics is of relevance to every individual in the world. Department also, conducts various activities to create interest and learning among the students.

            Economics Department since its inception, has been alert and alive to the changes in the macro- environment, and has been constantly updating the subject curriculum.

             The Department of Economics is committed to provide students with elective mix of pure practical, analytical as well as theoretical knowledge in the areas of Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Industrial and Managerial Economics, Comparative Economic Policy issues, Money and Banking Systems, International Economics, Quantitative Analytical Methods, understanding Indian and International economy and its system etc.

           The Department provides a strong foundation in economic theories and principles but with a particular focus on examining their relevance to practical world.