Re-Accredited by NAAC with 'B' Grade in 3rd Cycle

Affiliated to Vikarama Simhapuri University

Gudur, Tirupathi District, Andhra Pradesh

Research Publications

Faculty wise Research Publications..

1.Dr. Y. Srinivasulu, Lecturer in Commerce- View

2. Dr. K. Sivaprasad, Lecturer in Zoology  -    View

3. Smt. B. Krupa Karuna Vani, Lecturer in Chemistry - View

4. Smt Lakshmi Bheemavarapu - View

5. Smt S Kiranmaiye - View

6. Dr. G. Surendra, Lecturer in History  -    View

7. Dr G Surendra, Contribution of Maratha Rajas of Tanjore to Telugu Literature and Culture - View

8. Sri P Vijaya Mahesh - View

9. Dr. G. Surendra, Lecturer in History (UGC Care List Journal) - View

10. Dr. B. Sujatha, Lecturer in Chemistry, June 2017 - View

11. Dr. Y. Dayakar, Lecturer in Zoology, March, 2018 - View

12. Dr. Y. Dayakar, Lecturer in Zoology, June,2019 - View

13. Sri. Narra Nagaraj,  Lecturer in Physics, 2019 - View

14. Sri. MV Rama Mohan Rao,  Lecturer in Economics, 2017-2021 - View